Call for Papers

BIOTA members and interested participants (including undergraduate students in B.S. Biology or any Life Science-related course) are invited to present a paper under any of the convention’s subthemes, and any of these three (3) categories:

  • Seminar: a 25-min lecture-seminar and Q&A to be presented during the Scientific Sessions.
  • Poster: to be presented at the Poster Exhibit.
  • Workshop: a 1-hr. lecture-demonstration or hands-on activity to be presented during the Scientific Sessions.

Please indicate willingness to give a repeat session.

Author Guidelines

Submission guidelines for abstract proposals:

  1. Limit abstract to 300 words (excluding title, author name/s and affiliation/s)
  2. CONTENT includes: introductory sentence on background of study, objectives, very brief description of methodology, summary of results and discussion, conclusion and/or significance of findings.
  3. LAYOUT: TITLE (justify, Arial size 12, uppercase, bold); AUTHORS (align left, Arial size 10, sentence case, regular, presenting author underlined, superscript number for address placed after author’s name); ADDRESS (align left, Arial size 9, sentence case, regular, superscript number placed before institution’s name); TEXT (justify, Arial size 10)

Submissions for this conference were closed on 2018-03-17.