BIOTA Philippines Conference System, 52nd BIOTA Annual National Convention and Scientific Sessions

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Capture-Recapture Activity on Ecology
Felipe Luarca Del Castillo

Last modified: 2017-03-17


In order for students to learn ecological concepts, it is best to expose them and give them hands-on experience with ecological methodologies that will allow them to utilize the concepts they have learned in lessons, leading to increased retention and appreciation. One such methodology that is suitable for high school students is the capture-recapture method. This method is a sampling method used to approximate the number of organisms in an area, especially when there are practical constraints in estimating the population of the target organism. It involves repeated cycles of capturing of the target organism, marking them, and then setting them free. The number of the target organisms can then be estimated based on the number of newly captured and recaptured individuals. Population estimates are valuable for providing baseline data about an organism which can be used for future research as well as policy making. The method can be simulated in class by use of toys or other objects in order to give students hands-on experience in this activity. This activity will not only give greater appreciation and understanding of lessons, but also give practical experience in the conduct of ecological research that they can use in their future researches.

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