BIOTA Philippines Conference System, 52nd BIOTA Annual National Convention and Scientific Sessions

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Maria Rosario Virginia Cobar Garcia, Moises Norman Zaragoza Garcia

Last modified: 2017-03-17


The major greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, accounts for global warming and climate change. During  photosynthesis, it is sequestered by trees not only to produce biomass, water and molecular oxygen but also to assist in mitigating this dreaded environmental problem. Introducing this activity to learners is expected to improve appreciation of trees and their photosynthetic function and the importance of conserving urban vegetation and tropical rainforests. This will ultimately lead to the learners’ action towards the planting, growing and the safeguarding of trees in the community as they aim for a better and sustainable future.       

Generally, the workshop aims to introduce the learners to a method of determining the weight of carbon dioxide that can be sequestered by a tree through the use of measured and derived data of a tree species.

Participants have to measure the tree trunk’s circumference at approximately 1.4m from the ground. The tree’s diameter at breast height (d.b.h.) will be computed. The tree’s approximate height, in reference to any nearby building, is determined. The ceiling-to-floor height at the ground floor, following the National Building Code of the Philippines’ minimum requirements, is assumed to measure 12 feet; and 10 feet for every succeeding floor. Using this derived data, the following are to be computed: the living tree’s green and dry weight, weight of carbon making up the tree, weight of carbon dioxidesequestered and finally, the weight of carbon dioxide sequestered per year of its existence.

The activity expects learners to understand, develop awareness and take the necessary action to mitigate climate change through tree planting, growing and protecting existing trees in the community as they aim for a better and sustainable future.       .      

  • Sub-Theme: Integration of Global Issues & Solution (Climate Change, Biodiversity and Bioethics)
  • Competing Paper

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