BIOTA Philippines Conference System, 52nd BIOTA Annual National Convention and Scientific Sessions

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Game-Based Approach in Teaching the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology
Christian M. Abagat, Jericca Gunda

Last modified: 2017-03-17


The central dogma of molecular biology, which describes the intricate process of how proteins are made from DNA transcript, is one of the challenging concepts in biology. Students usually find it difficult to understand the abstract concepts in the dogma. They are easily overwhelmed with the numerous terms and complicated concepts associated with this topic. Animations help make the lesson easier to visualize. However, using games in teaching the topic promotes active student participation and interaction. Moreover, games help concretize the biological concepts and make the lessons more engaging and interactive. A set of various learner-centered games will be presented and played in the workshop which teachers can easily adapt in their own classrooms.

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