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Multidimensional Framework on Students' Achievement and Creativity in Mendelian Genetics
Arlon Ponce Cadiz, Charles Darwin Trinidad Magdaluyo, Sarah P. Sarabia, Rebecca Corpuz Nueva España

Last modified: 2017-03-13



A multidimensional framework is essential in dealing with 21st- century learners which demand innovative strategies for cognitive skill enhancements. The students need to be a critical thinker, communicator, collaborator, and creator as the core of all the skills. This classroom-based research determines the effect on Students' Achievement and Creativity using Multidimensional Framework as an approach in teaching some topics on Mendelian Genetics. It was conducted for three (3) hours for three (3) consecutive days to Grade 8 students of Southeastern College in Pasay City. Pre-test, Post-test, and Creativity Test were administered before and after the implementation of Multidimensional Framework (MDF). Data gathered were analyzed and interpreted using mean, standard deviation and t-test of dependent proportion. Results revealed that there is a significant difference between the pre-test and post-test scores of students in Mendelian genetics. Students' achievement is high (post-test) after being exposed, in the topic on Mendelian Genetics, using the Multidimensional Framework (MDF). Also, there is a significant difference in the level of Students' Creativity before and after the exposure to MDF. The researchers concluded that students performed better in their Post-test scores compared to their Pre-test scores when exposed to varied teaching approaches such as inquiry-based learning, discovery approach, the use of manipulatives under the Multidimensional Framework (MDF). Likewise, results showed that students' creativity is enhanced.  Students' achievement showed a negligible relationship to their creativity. The Majority of the students understood the lesson and they found the activities and discussions enjoyable. The researchers recommended that a statistical tool is needed to validate to a more extent the effect of Multidimensional Framework to Students' Achievement and Creativity.


Keywords: Creativity, Students’ Achievement, Multidimensional Framework

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