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Student Achievement and Learning Problems in Genetics
Leovigildo Jr Olivar Icutan

Last modified: 2017-03-08


This study aimed to describe the achievement of students in genetics, the problems they encountered in understanding genetics concepts and appropriate measures which can be done to help students learn genetics better. This study used the descriptive-survey design of research. The data were obtained using teacher-made questionnaires and from test scores of students in three major examinations in the course. The data gathered were analyzed and interpreted using statistical tools such as mean, median, standard deviation, skewness, kurtosis, t-test, ANOVA and Pearson product moment correlation.

It was found that the students had an average achievement in genetics. The respondents moderately found difficulty in understanding topics in genetics. Some factors which contribute to this include the use of English language only in discussion, inadequate time in studying genetics lessons, fast delivery of genetics lessons, and inadequate resources in studying genetics such as books, computers, and internet. It was suggested that teachers should provide more elaboration in teaching genetics lessons by providing more illustrations for students’ easier visualization of concepts, more examples for lessons involving problem-solving, and by engaging students in hands-on and group activities. In addition, teachers should develop teaching and learning resources which are easy to understand and should teach using simple English and Filipino language to facilitate students’ understanding of genetics concepts.

Keywords: biology, student achievement, learning problems, descriptive survey, Philippines

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